Yu Gi Oh! Remote Duel League Entry – 4 weeks



We’re happy to announce that Geek Retreat Newcastle are officially hosting a Yu-Gi-Oh! remote duel league!

What’s a remote duel you say?

Well, just like normal Yu-Gi-Oh! You have your mat, your 40-60 card deck, 0-15 card extra deck, 0-15 card side deck and play each match for 50 minutes!

The only difference is, we use webcams! We ask that each player joins the Geek Retreat Newcastle discord, and on a Thursday at 6:00pm, be ready to duel.

Participants need a webcam displaying their full side of the field backwards, so as to their opponents perspective they can see your cards properly.

Minor rules: playing by most recent banlist + remote duel specific illegal cards; 50 minute rounds.

What’s a league?

Well, league format is basically the same as your standard local events. £7 entry, play, win, get yo packs!

Normally, 1 event doesn’t affect the next, but we’re putting a spin on it this time. For each remote duel you enter (from this Thurs 4th Feb), you’ll bank yourself some points based on your performance!

Take a look at the beauties attached to this post. Some very fancy packs and some very fancy additional prizes! Field centres and mini mats, plenty to be won.

Link to the discord will be sent after payment.


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